Setting up a dairy plant in remote areas

I am a small farmer and I always wished to implement technology backed farming. Lots of words are being told these days to use latest technology for better output in your farming. However we  hardly get any proper inputs in this regard. Being a farmer its very difficult to understand which way or what move to take my farming to the next level. Moreover adopting technology requires investments and being a farmer you can easily understand the investment capacity we have.

Considering all the facts we choose to provide balanced approach where you can implement technology as well understand the risks involved along with the mitigation plan that you should adopt in case of the risks arises.

What we see living in remote area is an opportunity for you in setting up a dairy plant. The reason to see this as an opportunity is the availability of economic work force. However the challenges posed would be on various level:

  1. Challenges in the availability of  infrastructure:

On the infrastructure level you require roads for transportation of your goods and services during the scale up of your business. We presume you want to invest in technology based farming as a part of the scale process of your existing farming practices.

Roads are very much required as the basic infrastructure for you to operate your dairy plant successfully or at least you need to ensure proper transportation mechanism to delivery your goods and services.

Next apart from transportation you also needs to ensure availability of power i.e. electricity is available in your plant. 24 hours continuous electricity is required for smooth running of the plant. This can be achieved even by setting up the bio enabled electricity plant from the wastes of your plant.

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