Journey from being Babua(as called by my family members) to Entrepreneurship

I was brought up in a joint family of around 25 members wherein  the family background was from farming. Over a period of time, it seemed that the  shadow of becoming a nuclear family has started evolving within the members, however it was far behind to be called as a nuclear family at least for the next 5 years or so.

I was the only graduate from my family who has undergone an Engineering (BE from Computer Science). My uncle was an undergraduate during his times way back during 1990’s and had some interests towards electronic and hence opened a small electronic repairing shop in our small nearby market.

During my childhood days I used to watch him closely and even tried my hands doing some soldering works to the electronics items. By seeing this my uncles stressed that I should undergo and engineering program and this is how I was admitted to one of the engineering colleges in the southern part of India. I enjoyed my college days and some of the papers of the computer science seems to bring interest in me.

My family members were expecting me to complete my studies at the earliest so that I can get a decent job in any of the multi national companies wherein I can become an additional financial support for them. I got a job soon after my completion of my BE program and I worked in IT industry for more than 3 years.

Year after year I was getting a performance appraisal of 8% at an average and life seemed to be cool for other. You know getting a 8% appraisal in Multi National is a decent one. Sooner I realized that that with such a comfortable life.. is this what I really dreamt off. I  do not exactly remember at what instance or at what time this question started hitting me on my minds day in and day out. But probably it started forcing me to analyse within myself to look into my self conscience.

I found myself that I need to do something which would really help me in making my career a successful. Working for a corporate is good and gives you an opportunity to grow in sequential/exponential manner as per your ability. The thing that stuck to my minds if I can grow exponential here, there is something within myself where I can work on to achieve my desires/goals.


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